Friday, February 5, 2016

The Limit by Kristen Landon

The LimitMatt's family spends more money than they have in the bank, so they're over The Limit. There are consequences for this, so Matt, the oldest child in his family, is sent to a government work camp. His efforts will help the family solve its financial problems, and he will return home once things are worked out. Matt works on computer projects and is able to buy anything he wants. Life in the workhouse seems good. However, he becomes upset when he can't send or receive emails from his family, and he realizes he's cut-off from the world. He's also curious about the huge, dangerous-looking Reginald who doesn't leave his room, working away on his computer. Matt decides it's time to do something when he discovers his little sister has been sent to the workhouse. How is that possible? He discovers there's something scary and illegal going on, but what can he do to stop it?

The conflict is a unique twist on government controlling people without them knowing about it in order to make money. Matt's not overly ambitious, but he seems to be more aware of his situation than the other kids on the Top Floor. He's an intelligent, unlikely hero, and he gets motivated to discover the truth when his sister arrives. The book reads like an adventure, and there are moments of action once Matt decides he needs to do something. The disturbing thing is that this situation, or something like it, could possibly happen in the real world.

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