Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Storm: The Infinity Code by E.L. Young

The Infinity Code  (S.T.O.R.M. #1)This is the first book in the STORM series, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Will is a genius kid with a number of spy-type inventions that he has created. He is recruited by another young, rich genius, Andrew, to help form a group to solve the world's problems. Gaia and Caspian are the other two members of STORM. Their first mission is to save a plane that is in danger of crashing due to a solar eruption. However, the big mission is to stop a group from destroying a secret, new space hotel using a black-hole weapon. The father of one of the team members has been kidnapped to create this new weapon, which creates an additional conflict. The STORM team travels across Europe into Russia to find the location of the black-hole weapon, which can potentially destroy the whole planet. Their intelligence and creative inventions are important in the resolution of the conflict. There are a couple of "surprises" along the way, although you'll probably be able to predict them.

I might be getting tired of genius, spy kids solving the Earth's problems, so this book may be worth a rating of five. The conflict is creative, and the internal problems facing the characters add a new dimension to the plot. Caspian is caught in a situation where he leaves STORM to help his father. He also has a conflict, because he helps to create this new invention that can cause the end of the world. Will and Gaia have family issues, and Andrew just seems lonely. All is good in the end, and the door is wide open for the sequel.

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