Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stranger With My Face by Lois Duncan

Lois Duncan is one of my favorite mystery writers, and I gave this book a rating of five out of five. Laurie is confused when friends tell her that she's been seen in various places despite knowing that she wasn't there. She discovers that someone is impersonating her using astral projection. I would best explain this is as a person's soul leaving his/her body to travel somewhere else in the world while still being connected. Laurie finds out that someone from her past is trying to return, and she decides to find out more about astral projection. When Laurie chooses to try astral projection herself, she finds the consequences may be very serious, even deadly.

The conflict of the book is interesting and suspenseful; there is someone out there who seems to know quite a bit about Laurie's life and wants it. Laurie starts to delve into supernatural powers of which she knows nothing and puts herself into danger. I could have put this book into my fantasy section, but it reads as more of a mystery to me. That's one thing I enjoy about Lois Duncan's books; there's just a touch of supernatural without making them totally unbelievable.

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