Monday, February 15, 2016

The Last Dragon Charmer #1: Villain Keeper by Laurie McKay

Villain Keeper (The Last Dragon Charmer #1)My title is Prince Caden of the Greater Realm, and I do not belong in Asheville, North Carolina. Dark magic brought me here along with my steed and a friend, the powerful, young sorceress named Brynne. Strangely, a young girl named Jane disappeared on the same day we arrived. I am currently residing with her foster mother, and I have dubbed my foster brother Sir Tito. I discovered the math teacher at school is actually Rath Dunn, an evil tyrant from my world, and I believe the vice-principal is a blue or silver dragon. All of the teachers fear her, so she must know something about Jane's disappearance from school. I hope to fulfill the quest for may father and slay one of the ice dragons in the woods, but I must first rescue Jane. I believe she is an enchantress, and I fear Rath Dunn is behind her kidnapping. I know the tyrant can't be trusted, but I suspect there is more going on here than I first suspected.

This book leaps into the start of a new series. The author didn't waste any time transporting Caden into the new world. I was a bit surprised at how easily Caden accepted things he'd never seen, like cars, computers, and telephones. He wasn't overly concerned about them, but I've never lived in a world with magic and don't know how he should behave. Who knows what I'd believe? The author added some amusing twists to Caden's character. Brynne accidentally cast a spell of obedience on him, so he had do whatever he was told for the next two days. Caden never hid his identity as a prince from anyone, so that created some interesting conversations with the police and his foster mother. Caden and the plot were very interesting, and they resulted in an exciting tale of adventure.

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