Monday, February 8, 2016

Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz

Ark Angel (Alex Rider, #6)This book is the sixth in the Alex Rider series, and I gave it a rating of five out of five. Alex finds himself in the hospital, recovering from a bullet wound to the chest that he received in the previous the book. He stops an attempt to kidnap the patient in the room next door, but Alex is kidnapped himself. The kidnappers are a newly-identified, eco-terrorist group that attacks rich people around the world that they think are damaging the environment. Alex escapes and is rewarded with the opportunity to recuperate at the estate of the intended kidnapping victim, the son of a multi-billionaire. Alex doesn't trust the father; he's ruthlessly competitive and doesn't think much of his son. Alex has suspicions that there's more going on with the terrorists, the billionaire father, the CIA, and MI6. And Ark Angel, a luxury space hotel, becomes the main focus of everyone involved. The climax is out of this world.

The Alex Rider books usually have fun, adventurous stories to read. A fifteen-year-old saving the world is unrealistic, but the plot contains a great deal of action. Alex gets to use some cool spy inventions too. Alex manages to get himself into and out of trouble quite frequently, so readers should be able to stay engrossed. The climax is very unrealistic, but that's why it's called fiction! I haven't found that it makes a big difference if you read the series in order. I've skipped around and haven't had any trouble understanding the plots.

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