Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mars Evacuees #1 by Sophia McDougall

Mars Evacuees (Mars Evacuees #1)Aliens called Morrors settle on the polar ice caps of Earth, but now they're battling humans for other lands. Alice is chosen to attend a new battle school on Mars, since her mother is a famous combat pilot. Scientists have been changing the air, plants, and animals to prepare the planet for humans. The adults disappear from the camp, and the older students take over by attacking the younger ones. Alice and three friends steal a ship and fly toward another Mars base. However, they're attacked by strange creatures, and they're not sure if the creatures are from Mars or if they're Morror weapons. What are the kids supposed to do with Earth a million miles away?

Interesting conflict. The humans and Morrors seemed to be allies for awhile, but then war erupted between them. Scientists were preparing Mars for settlement, but it became a battleground too. There was a twist to the plot when the kids unexpectedly came upon a Morror on Mars. The antagonists totally changed toward the end of the book, but I'm sure it will be the main conflict in the sequel. The personalities of the main characters were common, but the robot teacher, called Goldfish, wanted the kids to continue their lessons even as they tried to survive. Goldfish was the character the others counted on when things got tough.

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