Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winterling by Sarah Prineas

Winterling (Winterling, #1)Jennifer, or Fer, unknowingly opens a portal to a new world, through a pond near her home. Despite her grandmother's objections, Fer insists on going into this magical world. Her grandmother gives her some herbs and spells for protection, which she'll need against the false Lady of the land. This Lady tries to teach Fer to be her ally, but Fer knows something isn't right. The Lady won't talk about the disappearance of Fer's parents. Also, Spring is not coming, and it's spilling over into her grandmother's world. The Lady performs hunts, so the killing will bring about Springs, but Fer senses she has done something very evil in the past. Few characters are able to help Fer, but she won't return to her world and leave them as victims. There's a power within her, but is it greater than the ruler of the land?

The author added some unusual twists that complicated things for the characters. A question asked three times had to be answered. Many characters were forced to obey the Lady even if they didn't want to. Some characters chose to change into animals while others were forced to. The conflict was a typical good versus evil with an emphasis on the value of life and nature. Overall, a very enjoyable story.

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