Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Magic Thief #1 by Sarah Prineas

The Magic Thief (Magic Thief, #1)
Something is draining magic from the town, and the town will eventually die. Nevery, a wizard exiled from the city, returns to help, but a pickpocket, Conn, steals his magic stone. When the stone's magic doesn't kill the boy, Nevery decides to accept the boy as his apprentice. Conn shows a sensitivity to magic, and he has some interesting thoughts about what's going on. He believes the loss of magic is being caused by another wizard and the Underlord. The Underlord has already been hunting for Conn, and the wizard wants the boy too after he catches him spying. Conn figures out what they're trying to do, but Nevery won't believe him, especially after he discovers a secret about Conn's past. What can an apprentice wizard do to save the magic and the town?

The plot is another underdog story, as the main character learns to perform magic. I liked the relationship between Nevery and Conn; Conn was able to teach his master a few things along the way. Conn needed to find his own magic stone, and I knew it would be something special. Magic was different for him. He seemed to be getting chased by something throughout the story, so the pace moved along nicely.

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