Friday, December 19, 2014

The Magic Thief #4: Home by Sarah Prineashe does

The Magic Thief: Home (Magic Thief, #4)Despite all of the problems he's created in the first three books, Duchess Rowan names him her ducal magister, the most powerful wizard in Wellmet. He doesn't want the job, and the other wizards don't want the boy either, except for Nevery, his master. Conn senses something bad is brewing with the city's magic, and the wizards' locus stones are being stolen. Of course, Conn is blamed for all the problems and must go into hiding. He returns to the streets as a gutterrat, trying to get information, but he must keep his eye out for thugs trying to kidnap him. However, he is not aware that a terrible evil has returned to Wellmet.

This book is the conclusion of the series, and fans of the other books must read this one too. You must read the previous three books to fully understand the events. The author was able to keep me guessing. I thought I knew what was going to happen, but then she provided clues that made it seem impossible. Conn and his dragon, who had swallowed his locus stone, form a close bond and need each other to survive. Conn knows he's no longer a gutterrat, and he's not  a ducal magister, and he spends most of the book trying to figure out his role on the world. This book brings the series to a satisfying conclusion.

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