Sunday, December 28, 2014

Summerkin by Sarah Prineas

Summerkin (Winterling, #2)This book is the sequel to Winterling. Fer returns to rule over Summerland, but she's in for a surprise. The High Ones require her to face any challengers in a contest to decide who will be the new Lady or Lord of the land. The High Ones are concerned that Fer won't accept any oaths from her subjects, and they're very concerned that she's half human. She brings her best friend, Rook, with her to the contest, but he's a mischievous puck and plans to steal the Lord's silver crown. The contest consists of a race, archery, and mastery of the glamorie, an enchantment that controls the thinking of others. Fer is learning to master her powers, but her kindness as a human may be her downfall.

I was worried this book might not have the drama found in the first book, but the author was able to develop it through one of the challengers. This character concealed his true identity, cheated, and tried to blame Rook for a major problem. I liked Fer's kindness and trust, and she never gave up on others. The author was able to describe Fer's internal conflicts as she tried to win the contest while saving the lives of her friends and competitors. Score one for the good guys, or girl!

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