Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Magic Thief #3: Found by Sarah Prineas

Found (Magic Thief, #3)Conn has been exiled from Wellston, but he's still secretly helping Nevery prepare for the attack of a destructive magic. Two problems...the others wizards don't believe an attack is coming, and Conn doesn't have a locus stone to perform any spells. With Nevery's help, a trail is blazed, literally, across the country leading to a new stone for Conn. However, the town leaders sentence Conn to death if he ever returns, so he sets out alone in search of his locus stone. It's a long journey and takes much longer than he expects. Time is ticking away, but he's willing to risk his life to save Wellston from Arhionvar, the predator magic. There are dragons in Conn's future, and a small one really complicates  his plans. The secret behind magic will be revealed.

The addition of dragons freshened the series for me. The little one became an amusing character, and I assume it will have an even bigger role in book four. The explanation of the origin of magic was unexpected, but it helped to resolve the big conflict. I still like the relationship between Nevery and Conn. Nevery cares about him like a son, but Conn has trouble doing what he's told and makes Nevery nuts. Something surprising happens to Conn in the resolution, and I'm anxious to see how the author handles it.

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