Monday, December 29, 2014

Dreamdark #2: Silksinger by Laini Taylor

Silksinger (Dreamdark, #2)Magpie's quest is to find and return the five fire elementals to Dreamdark before the kingdom is plunged into nothingness. She is a faerie with great power, and she is the Djinn King's champion. Mags recovers the first djinn, but she doesn't know where to find the second one called Azazel. Its ember is hidden inside a copper tea kettle protected by Whisper, the last member of the Silksinger clan. Hirik is disguised and secretly watching over her since he is a Mothmage, hated by everyone due to a false story of his clan's cowardice. The elemental djinns are being hunted down by the evil Ethiag and his huge and powerful army of Devils. The Devils are attacking caravans, killing everyone they meet as they search for Azazel. The survival of the djinns may rest with the outcast Mothmage and his magical scimitar, but a friend is actually an enemy in disguise.

I was able to enjoy this book without reading the first one in the series, but there were references to events and characters not in this book. The plot was adventurous as Mags, Whisper, and others tried to defeat Ethiag and his army of Devils. Ethiag had a secret master, but the author provided clues about his identity. I liked how Hirik was given a second chance, and he erased the bad feelings about his people. There were twists to the plot as characters were ambushed, captured, and lost their powers. The author left the resolution open for the next book in the series, although I was unable to find it at my local library. I copied these comments from the author's blog. "Though I have every intention of returning to complete the Dreamdark series, it is not now on the slate, for which I am very very sorry! I promise you I do not abandon Magpie and crew lightly, and dearly look forward to reuniting with them in the future."

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