Monday, December 15, 2014

Sammy Feral's Diaries of Weird #2: Yeti Rescue by Eleanor Hawken

Yeti Rescue. Eleanor HawkenSammy's family of ex-werewolves owns the Feral Zoo and has its share of strange animals. A Mongolian Death Worm shows up and says Bert, Chief of the Yetis, has been kidnapped. He says the wish frog has been hiding at the zoo, and it will grant wishes, although the wishes sometimes end in disasters. Sammy and his group discover the kidnapper used the yeti as bait in order to find the wish frog. When the kidnapper shows up, one-hundred angry yetis aren't able to overpower him. There seems to be no way to stop him, and time is running out. The Yeti Snarls are the last chance.

If the plot seems rather silly, it is. However, it's an easy story to follow, and the silliness makes it entertaining. It's not meant to be classic literature, and it doesn't have any hidden, deep messages about life. This book is the second book in a series, I didn't read the first one, but this story stands by itself. There are references to the first book, but they don't affect this book.

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