Thursday, September 24, 2020

Ronan Boyle #2 and the Swamp of Certain Death by Thomas Lennon

My name is Ronan, and I don't know why I volunteered for such a dangerous mission. I'm soooo unqualified. I must enter the world of fairie folk to rescue my wonderful captain from being used as a human sacrifice and to capture the Bog Man. I will do anything to stop the weegees from using my mentor's blood to resurrect the sun god. And no, I don't love the captain. I don't care what I've said or done before; I do not love her. I'm lucky to have my good friend Log along on the vendetti (not sure if that's a real word), as she's the strongest, loyalest ally a detective in the Garda Special Unit of the Tir Na Nog could ever have. I'll probably die during this mission, but I must try to save the captain (I don't love her!) and stop the mummy my parents released.

You should probably read the first book, but it's not necessary. My biggest warning for the series and book is that you must have a high tolerance for silliness. One of Ronan's "dangers" is becoming the assistant for a unicorn's daily performances. One of his colleagues randomly changes appearance without any control. The colleague becomes a naked human, a pig, and a hedgehog with all of them wearing his familiar hat. The plot of a quest to rescue someone is common, but I found the frequent descriptions of Ronan's insecurities distracting. There were already enough funny and entertaining elements to the story without cluttering them by adding an over-abundance of sidebars and anxiety-ridden thoughts. Overall, I found the book funny with many creative ideas. I must admit that I skipped some paragraphs that diverted my attention from the quest, but I can recommend the book, if you're not put off by goofiness.

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