Sunday, August 18, 2019

Water Dragon Races #1: Silver Batal and the Water Dragon Races by K.D. Holbrook

Silver Batal and the Water Dragon Races (Water Dragon Races, #1)My name is Silver Batal, and I've always dreamed of becoming a great water dragon rider. Many people think it's a crazy dream for the daughter of a jeweler, living in a hot, dusty desert. Now, I must recover my friend's water dragon, stolen by my hero, Sagittaria Wonder. I'm thankful my cousin Brajon has offered to help, but I'm not sure what we'll do once we reach Calidia. We can't exactly walk up to the queen and tell her the most famous dragon rider in the world is a thief. No, the only thing I can do is enter the water dragon races, and win. My plan is complicated, since I've bonded with a young water dragon that's still learning to swim. The fact he's an Aquinder presents an even bigger problem. If anyone discovers this mythical water dragon exists, things will get very dangerous.

The concepts of water dragons and racing them interested me enough to read the book, but the early pages were slow. It was clear Silver would do anything to become a rider, but nothing would happen in the plot until Sagittaria came to visit her village. The book became much more interesting after about eighty pages, once Silver left for Calidia. She was accused of stealing jewelry and Sagittaria knew who she was, so Silver had to move stealthily across the lands and streets. She could also lose her water dragon, Hiyyan, even though they were bonded. They could be registered together if they raced, but Silver would need to teach Hiyyan how to swim and how the fly. Complicating things was a law saying all Aquinders needed to be killed, so how could they practice flying without anyone seeing? The author tossed in some "natural" dangers with wild creatures popping up along the way. Silver made a couple of allies during her adventure, and she discovered some conspiracies. The races were much more than races to political foes, and secrets were hidden in watery caves. Overall, the book made up for the slow start, and I recommend you give it a shot. Lovers of "nice" dragons should enjoy the story. 

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