Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Wormling #4: The Minions of Time by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry

The Minions of Time (The Wormling, #4)My name is Owen, and my top priority was to find the King's Son. Most of the Lowland people now realize I'm the Wormling, and that knowledge has given them hope. I don't think they're ready to hear something else I've discovered, but it will be revealed when the time is right. The Dragon is doing all it can to locate and destroy me, and I know he's planning something devastating under the White Mountain. I wish my good friend Watcher was with me, but it was best for us to separate and let her protect The Book of the King. It's now time for the people to amass a great army to defeat the Dragon. The book has prophesied the Son will lead them, but my quest requires me to return to the Highlands first. 

You should read the entire series starting from the beginning. Owen follows the teachings in The Book of the King, because he's put all of his faith into it. He's grown as a warrior and leader, but his true strength comes from a compassion for others. He even empathizes with some of his enemies and skeptics, and his faith often wins them over. He quotes lines from the book that offer inspiration and guidance. The book seems to know the future, although it was written by the King. How is that possible? The King has physically been missing from the previous books, but he finally makes an appearance near the end of this one. I've been mentioning the probability of Owen's return to the Highlands in the past two books, and it finally comes true. The authors have still cast doubt regarding some characters' identities, so that will keep you wondering about who Owen will eventually marry. The philosophical scriptures from The Book of the King are balanced with action and adventure. Owen and his followers are ambushed throughout the plot, and the Changeling returns to cause confusion. Overall, I'm enjoying the series, and I'm looking forward to its conclusion in The Author's Blood.

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