Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Wormling #2: The Sword of the Wormling by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry

The Sword of the Wormling (The Wormling, #2)I'm called the Watcher, and I'm supposed to help the Wormling find the king's son. I don't understand why the Wormling is a weak kid instead of the huge, brave warrior I hoped for. His presence cost Bardig his life, but I've sworn to accompany the boy and warn him of danger. He must go through an initiation first, but there's no one to perform the ceremony. Unless... I wonder if Mordecai is still alive. The traitor hasn't been seen since fleeing the kingdom ten years ago, but he would know the words to the initiation. I will take the Wormling through the mountains and Badlands hoping we'll find Mordecai on a remote island. However, the Dragon wants the Book of the King back, and he wants the Wormling dead. I'll vigilantly watch for attacking Invisibles and pray the boy will learn to defend himself.

This book is the second in the series, and I'm enjoying them very much. Owen is the Wormling, and he passed through a portal in The Book of the King. Finding the king's son is supposed to unite the worlds, and this book hinted at Owen's need to return to his own world. I assume that will occur in a sequel. I like that Owen remains a simple, thoughtful boy even as he grows as the Wormling. Reading the Book of the King has given him wisdom, and it seems to have become a part of him, if that makes sense. Owen's transformation has been slow, and I'm surprised the pace hasn't bugged me. The author has managed to infuse other issues to keep me interested. Owen's mom may still be alive, the king's son is dead or hidden somewhere, Owen might be captured or killed himself, and the Dragon seems to have made some kind of agreement with the king. A big question I have is the identity of the voice that Owen hears during desperate moments and why this Invisible is helping him. I recommend you give this series a shot, as I've already checked out The Wormling #3, The Changeling. 

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