Friday, August 16, 2019

The Wormling #3: The Changeling by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry

The Changeling (The Wormling, #3)My name is Owen, and I am the Wormling. The Book of the King has been my guiding light and tells me the King will provide what I need if I put my faith in him. I must find the King's Son, so he can unite the worlds and end the Dragon's reign of terror. No one knows where the Dragon is holding him captive, so I'm on my way to find the Scribe. I failed in my duty to protect the book from the Dragon, and I'm hoping the Scribe can provide some guidance. I regret my presence endangers everyone I meet, and I will use my Wormling skills to protect them, if I can. My first priority is to find the King's Son. I've learned a secret about The Book of the King, and I must travel alone in pursuit of my quest. I will not fail, because my undying faith is in the King.

Owen's quest is the conflict driving all of the books. The Book of the King has taught him a way of thinking that is almost spiritual, and he often speaks as though he's much older. He quotes the book as if it's a bible, although it also foretells future events. Most of the villagers have heard exaggerated stories about the coming of the Wormling, so their first impressions of Owen are usually amusing. He's not ten feet tall, he can't shoot flames from his armpits, and he can't fly. However, he earns their respect through his wisdom, bravery, and belief in the King. Villagers are amazed that Owen can read, since the Dragon banned reading and destroyed all books. An ongoing subplot has been the possibility that Owen's mother is still alive and living in this world. This book shines some light on that topic, but it creates new questions too. All three books continue to bring up Owen's life in the other world, and I expected he would have returned by now. Owen even asks another character when it will happen. The author reveals a huge "surprise" at the end of the book. It's something I've suspected since the series started, but it might surprise some middle grade readers. 

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