Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

Stormbreaker (Alex Rider, #1)My name is Alex Rider, and I had two weeks of training before replacing my uncle as a spy for MI6. A millionaire plans to donate computers to all of the students in England, but my uncle was killed after investigating him. Now, I'm pretending to be the winner of a contest in order to uncover the truth about the millionaire's plans. He has an army guarding his facility, and he has a huge, mute henchman who scares me. I was able to try the new computer, and it really is amazing and makes learning fun. However, there's a hidden compartment in each of them, and I know it's not for anything good. I discovered this after secretly exploring the facility, although I now realize I wasn't secret enough. My cover is blown, and I'm running for my life. I only hope my two weeks of spy training and my MI6 "toys" will help me escape in time to save the lives of all the English school children. 

I know I've read this book before, but I just noticed it's not on my blog. This book is the first one in the wildly popular Alex Rider Adventure series. Alex is a "normal" teenager, although you learn that his uncle, before his death, was actually training Alex to become a spy. Alex learned martial arts, rock climbing, diving, and can speak four languages. While he is given a fancy video game suitable for spying (it can x-ray through concrete walls), everything else he does is possible. The author has Alex explore the facility alone, so I missed the camaraderie that might have arisen from working with other characters. However, the book is full of adventure and action, so readers will probably finish it quickly. I did. There are at least ten books in the series, so you'll have plenty more to read if you enjoy Stormbreaker. The Young James Bond books are very similar, so you can check them out too.

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