Saturday, March 11, 2017

Shadow Magic #2: Dream Magic by Joshua Khan

Dream Magic (Shadow Magic, #2)My name is Lily, and people don't respect me, and fear me, as the new queen of Gehenna. I've been secretly learning magic, even though laws forbid it, and this scares them. Meanwhile, trolls appear to be invading my kingdom, as homes are destroyed, adults are killed, and children are taken. My best friend Thorn thinks the actual danger is from jewel spiders. These creatures feed off dreams, but something doesn't make sense. Someone must be controlling the spiders, but why? What do they want? I would normally send my assassin to investigate, but he's disappeared. I'm sure Thorn will do something reckless to help, just like me. I've uncovered a secret about my father that may explain everything.

This book is the sequel to Shadow Magic, a 2016 winner of the Cybils Award. What do I like about this book? I enjoy Lily and Thorn, as they defend Gehenna from internal and external threats. Thorn's character is interesting and relatable to readers. He's respected and appreciated by those who know him best, but other people treat him as a mere peasant. He's a "normal" boy without any super powers, other than being able to ride an enormous bat. However, he is a very brave and loyal friend. Lily cares about her citizens, but she's leery of using magic. It changes her when she uses it and scares her people. She has a deep love for her ancestors and is frustrated when she can't talk to her father's spirit. Lily and Thorn have a cute relationship. It's obvious they're more than just friends, but they have trouble showing it. I mean, she's the queen, and he's a servant. I wish Tyburn had been involved more in this book; I like his role as Thorn's mentor, and I like their interactions. You should read Shadow Magic first in order to fully understand the characters, conflicts, and plot. The adventure and mystery will captivate you!

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  1. Nice review, I'm looking forward to re-reading Dream Magic. Such a fun book and I really like the characters too.


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