Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stian the Viking #1: Worthy of Song and Story by Neal Chase

Worthy of Song and Story (Stian the Viking, #1)My name is Stian, and I've learned that my real father is Loki, the mischievous Norse god, and I'm supposed to free him from the eternal chains that have imprisoned him. Dahlia, a dark elf, has reluctantly joined me on this quest. I must first retrieve Gram from a Valkyrie spirit, although everyone who's tried before me has failed. This powerful sword can cut through anything, so I'm sure it can cut through Loki's chains. However, I wasn't expecting the huge, strong son of Thor to be searching for Gram too. The Vikings will tell amazing stories about me and my shape-shifting ability, as long as Dahlia, Thor's son, or the Valkyrie don't kill me first. 

I got this book from the Net Galley website. It's always interesting to read a book where a character tells me everything I thought I knew is wrong. This book tells the story of how Odin and Thor aren't heroes, and Loki was wronged when they imprisoned him. Dahlia and Stian are entertaining characters, as they bicker back and forth. Be prepared for Stian's name-calling and his use of phrases like "sticks and stones". It's amusing to hear the son of a god talking like a little kid. Two of Stian's main motivations are to save his father and to become a famous Viking. His interactions with Thor's son are especially fun, and I hope they continue in the sequel. The book reads like a Rick Riordan novel, but on a much simpler level. The plot is a fast-paced adventure that provides plenty of action, humor, and suspense. Net Galley is known for promoting lesser-known authors, and Neal Chase seems like he's one to watch.

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