Sunday, May 1, 2016

Voyagers #2: Game of Flames by Robin Wasserman

Game of Flames (Voyagers, #2)My name is Chris. Stop reading right now if you don't know what happened in the previous book! The Alpha team is moving to the second planet in hopes of finding another element needed to create the Source. I think it's best that I don't tell them yet how I created the spaceship, and how I'm an alien. I also can't tell them about the dangerous war they'll find on the planet's surface without revealing my secrets. The other spaceship we discovered with an Omega crew is a surprise, but I'm really puzzled by the face I saw among them. The crew of that ship is trying to discover the Source before us, but I know they won't use it to save Earth. I recognize that face, and I know that person is evil.

This series is like the old "Star Trek" television show presented in book form. This book answers some questions from the first book. What happened to the Omega team? How do the professor and Chris know so much about planets the Alpha team is visiting? The author introduces Gamma Speed, so the characters can travel millions of light years in only days. It doesn't confuse the plot even though this technology is impossible. The professor tells the Alpha crew that he's not going to tell them everything yet. The information is on a need to know basis. The result is the author is able to keep throwing surprises into the plot, like the mystery person with the Omega team.

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