Monday, May 23, 2016

The Secret of Goldenrod by Jane O'Reilly

The Secret of GoldenrodMy name is Citrine, or Trina. My father is a master carpenter, so we've moved halfway across the country to fix up an old, rundown house called Goldenrod. It's actually a huge mansion, but all of the people around here believe it's haunted and has cursed the whole town with bad luck. The house scares me, I hate school, I don't have any friends, and I haven't seen my mother in eight years. I find a talking doll in my room that needs my help, but she seems to be helping me too. She's the only one I'm able to talk to, and she's helping me understand Goldenrod. I learn about its tragic history, and I am the only person able to bring it peace, and bring peace to the whole town.

I was extremely impressed with the author of this book. I typically enjoy speculative fiction books with more action and adventure, but this book really grabbed my interest. The unbelievable elements weren't overdone and became underlying parts of the story. Goldenrod slowly became a character, as it gave hints about its feelings and Trina was forced to figure out what it wanted her to do. I was able to connect with Trina's character and understood the confusion, challenges, and frustrations with her life. The doll's positive attitude kept Trina motivated and encouraged her to face her fears. The climax and resolution evoked feelings of sadness, joy, and satisfaction. It was amazing to see a young girl change the attitude and hope of a town trapped in years of depression. It's definitely a book you should read!

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