Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Secret of Deadwillow Carse by Brian Farrey

The Secret of Dreadwillow CarseMy name is Aon. Everyone in the kingdom is always happy, except me. Even with the queen dying, the people are just happy she will be succeeded by Princess Jeniah. I don't know why I feel sadness, but I can't let anyone else know that I'm different. I don't understand why entering Deadwillow Carse makes me feel better, while it terrifies others. The princess says the carse will bring an end to the monarchy if she enters it, but she doesn't know why. I volunteered to explore it for her if she will only let my father return from the Crimson Hoods. We all thought it was an honor when he was chosen to join them, but the queen says they're a myth. How can the Crimson Hoods serve the monarchy if the queen and princess don't believe they exist? I feel myself changing each time I enter the carse, but I must discover its secrets. The survival of the monarchy depends on it.

What an interesting book! The plot follows Aon and Jeniah in alternating chapters, and the author brings them together to become loyal friends. It is discovered late in the book that the conflict begins a thousand years ago with a king who wants to keep his followers happy. However, his solution is questionable. The story kept my interest, as I tried to unveil the mystery along with the characters. The author drops hints throughout the pages, but the secret isn't revealed until Aon reaches the heart of the forest. The book explores the range of human emotions. What cost are we willing to pay to be happy? Is the easy solution always the best solution? Curiosity is a good thing. The story will make readers think, and I recommend you check it out. 

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