Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Masterminds #2: Criminal Destiny by Gordon Korman

Masterminds: Criminal Destiny (Masterminds #2)My name is Malik. I am special, if you consider being cloned from a master criminal something special. My friends and I escaped from the town of Serenity where we were part of some big experiment, and we were the lab rats. Now, we've fled across the country trying to find a billionaire woman; she helped start the experiment but dropped out for some reason. We've never known anything other than the peace and perfection of Serenity, so the crime, poverty, and rudeness of the real world takes some getting used to. I love it! We're all trying to guess the identity of the criminals we were cloned from, and I just hope mine isn't the mass murderer. We will we grow up to be as evil as these masterminds?

I'm enjoying the series, although I still don't think having each chapter narrated by a different character is necessary. This book answers a couple of questions I've had. Where is all the money to fund Project Osiris coming from and whatever happened to Hector when the truck crashed in book one? Malik's character is interesting to follow, because he seems to be the angriest one but is also the most emotional about the memory of Hector. I got a little tired of every chapter reminding me the characters were clones. The cloning is obvious, so all of the references to it become redundant and annoying. The climax is surprising, but in hindsight is probably predictable. Just like the first book in the series, this one ends with an exciting resolution, so I feel like I need to read the next one.

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