Monday, January 25, 2016

The Last Bogler by Catherine Jinks

The Last BoglerBogles are snatching young children from basements and sewers all over London, so Alfred's kept very busy getting rid of them. Something's different about these bogles, as they're more difficult to lure from their hiding places and don't burst and disappear after being killed. Ned becomes Alfred's sole helper and apprentice, but Salty Jack Gammon and his cronies are lurking about. Salty Jack is trying to eliminate witnesses to his crimes, so any bogle jobs in his territory are extra dangerous for Ned and Alfred. Alfred later finds out how to make new bogle-killing spears, and there may be a way to trap bogles without using children for bait. This will make the job safer for Ned, but it could also put Alfred out of business. They're going to need to do something big to save kids from disappearing across London.

You'll like the other two books in the series, but this book can be read by itself. The first two books will help you understand the characters and the whole idea of bogle-hunting. The action begins in the first chapter, as Mr. Bunce, Jem, and Ned battle a large bogle in a stinking sewer. Much of the book is non-stop bogle hunting, and the author presents an overwhelming number and variety of bogles. The issue of using kids as bait for bogles is debated throughout the plot. All of the characters know it's dangerous, but it's the only way to lure the monsters. Overall, this book is entertaining and brings the series to an exciting end.

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