Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rangers Apprentice #12: The Royal Ranger

The Royal Ranger (Ranger's Apprentice, #12)Will Treaty is depressed and angry, and the princess of Araluen is behaving like a brat. So, it's decided that Will will train the princess, Maddie, to become a Ranger's apprentice. She will be the first female Ranger ever, but it is hoped that the training will help her be ready to rule the kingdom someday. Will finds himself saying and doing many of the same things Halt did during Will s own training. The tasks are difficult, and Maddie still tries to rebel, but she becomes stronger and more determined to do her best. Eventually, Will and Maddie are assigned a mission to investigate the death of a fellow Ranger, and Maddie's training will be put to the test.

Even though this book is the twelfth in the series, it almost feels like it could be the first. Maddie is the main character, and her training reminds me of the first book. She learns to use weapons, fight, and think like a Ranger. I like the bonding she developed with Will and her Ranger horse, and the fear she experienced in stressful situations is realistic. Bravery is shown when characters are able to deal with their fears and still accomplish great deeds. This book was as well-written as all the other books in the series, and I can foresee Maddie's story continuing in future books.

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