Sunday, January 31, 2016

House of Robots #2: Robots ago Wild by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Robots Go Wild!: (House of Robots #2)Sammy's little sister, Maddie, is really cool, but she can't attend regular school. Germs could kill Maddy, so her mom invents a robot that takes her place in school. "E" allows her to see, hear, and speak in the third-grade classroom, and Sammy feels special with his robot brother around. When another substitute-student robot shows up, the SS-10K, things get wacky. E starts dancing on the school tables and later damages stores and property all across the town. E is banned from school, and Sammy's mom may lose her job at Notre Dame. Sammy finds out that E was sabotaged, and the solution to all of the family problems will come down to the university's robotics football game.

The plot was a little silly, but the book was fun. Maddie's serious illness kept things real, and Sammy used her for inspiration. A childhood nemesis of the mother was the villain in the plot and had a devious plan to get rich and ruin her. The robot characters stole the show. E always had a positive attitude and just wanted to help humans, while the other robots were more unusual. Blitzen was programmed for football and was a great tackler, but it went berzerk after Sammy took it to school. Other robots acted as the home gardener and cook.

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