Thursday, July 25, 2019

Riders of the Realm #2: Through the Untamed Sky by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

Through the Untamed Sky (Riders of the Realm, #2)My name is Rahkki, and I must help Sula free her captured pegasi herd from the giants. However, I must learn to ride her first, and my fear of heights complicates things. I've also learned there are rebels plotting to overthrow the queen, and I've been approached to become a rebel leader. I don't want to get involved, since the queen already wants to see me dead. I've survived an assassination attempt, and I've been put into other situations where I was likely to die. Many people think I have magical powers now, and I'm discovering it may be best not to correct them. Even the queen is fearful that I can control dragons. She's decided I'm going to lead the land armies against the giants and dragons even though I have no training. In her mind, if all works well, I'll be killed.

The summary above describes the gist of the plot, but there are many other issues. Rahkki learns that his mother may be alive which would be a big problem for the queen. However, if she's alive, why hasn't she returned? Sula injured Rahkki's brother in book one, and that has created problems. Rahkki is smitten with the queen's daughter, and she may be deceiving him. What is she up to? The entire adventure is told through the eyes of Rahkki, a "landwalker", and Sula, a pegasus. Sula is a main character and is known as Echofrost to the other pegasi. The author freely uses both names depending on the other characters involved. Echofrost's entire focus is on saving the herd, and she once swore she'd kill Rahkki someday. Rahkki's kind ways are slowly changing her, and she's surprised that they might actually become friends. She's always wanted to be free, but what does that actually mean? Overall, I'm enjoying the series, and you really need read Across the Dark Water first. Unfortunately, I'll need to wait a year for the next book in the series to be published.

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