Monday, July 8, 2019

Green Sky Trilogy #2: And All Between by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

And All BetweenMy name is Teera, and I find myself above the Root for the first time. I've heard wonderful stories of the Kindar people living among the treetops, but I'm terrified being by myself. I'm living with Raamo's family now, but I can't let them know I'm an Erdling. The best thing is sharing a space with Pomma. We've learned to Image with each other, so Pomma has discovered most of my secrets. I trust she won't tell anyone else, but I'm still afraid she'll let something slip. I'm sure the Ol-zhann won't be happy if they know of my true identity, and I fear what they'll do to the other Erdlings. I'm happy Raamo is willing to help, but I'm not sure about his friends. I've just met another novice Ol-zhann named Genaa, and her angry emotions toward Erdlings frighten me.

You should read Below the Root first, as book two described how Teera came to find Raamo, the main character in book one. It covered many of the same events but from a different point of view. The intrigue was how Teera's presence could endanger everyone living below the Root, as her appearance could reveal the Ol-zhann's secrets. The conflict arose when the Ol-zhann exiled a segment of its citizens from the treetops many years ago. The crux of the issue concerned how much historical truth should be revealed to maintain a peaceful culture. Should the citizens be aware of their ancestors' past acts of aggression and violence, or should those kinds of thoughts and behaviors be taboo for discussion and knowledge? The early settlers of Green Sky battled with these questions until the believers of historical openness were banished below the Root. The controversy arose again with the appearance of Teera. It was evident the Ol-zhann wanted to keep the Kindar in blissful ignorance, but the leaders became willing to use the banned behaviors to preserve it. The story will make you think, which I like. Overall, I'm enjoying the series and recommend you give it a shot.

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