Monday, June 12, 2017

The Trials of Apollo #1: The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo, #1)My name is Meg, and I have claimed Apollo to be my servant. Of course, Zeus has  taken away his godly powers, so he looks like any goofy teenager. I'm a demigod and only recently discovered my mother is Demeter. I have some control over plants, have curved blades springing from my rings, and have summoned a powerful karpos. Other demigods at Camp Half Blood have been disappearing, and the Oracle of Delphi is no longer offers prophecies. We are slowly realizing the two problems are related. Apollo is in charge of protecting the oracles, but he's now hearing voices in the nearby woods. Is this a sign he's going crazy, or is it a clue we must follow? I wish he could remember the memories tickling his brain, but I'm afraid of the devastating secret I'm keeping from him.

Riordan mixes the style found in his other highly successful mythology books with an uncommon main character, an actual god. Apollo's character has the insecurities of a human teenager while keeping the pompous arrogance of a deity. It's a fun, humorous combination. The humor continues with other characters too. Rhea talks like a flower child from the 60's, and the two geyser palikos are most concerned about travel brochures and customer surveys. The adventure is entertaining, and a surprise or two are left for the end. I thought the plot would end with the climax, but another climax soon follows. This provides an exciting conclusion. It looks like the sequel will continue with Apollo in his mortal state, but his partnership with Meg is less certain. 

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