Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles #3: Calling on Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

Calling on Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #3)My name is Morwena, and wizards have returned to the Enchanted Forest. I notified the king, but he won't be much help at this time. Mendenbar's sword has been stolen, so he must stay within the kingdom to keep the defensive barrier going. I'm leading the queen, a magician, and Kazul, the king of the dragons, to retrieve the sword. We must find it before the wizards start absorbing its powers, and ultimately all the magic in the Enchanted Forest. However, we're finding the journey difficult. Dangers lurk among the trees, something is distorting Telemain's spells, and a mysterious stranger seems to be helping the wizards. During our last communication with Mendenbar, we learned more wizards have started sneaking back into the kingdom which means the protective spell is weakening. Time is running out!

You can enjoy this book without having to read the previous ones. The author introduces humor into the plot with references to characters and events from familiar fairy tales, but this book has a bit more. A seven-foot rabbit named Killer begins the plot, and he's always hungry. His habit of eating almost anything creates problems when he tries to digest food tainted by magic. The combination of spells results in unexpected consequences (See the flying donkey on the cover). Morwen's cats are loyal companions, and they provide their own funny comments, especially toward Killer and each other. The plot doesn't develop any real suspense, but the story is still entertaining. The problems caused by wizards continue to drive the protagonists, but character interactions seem to drive the plot. This is a fun series to read!

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