Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Noble Warriors Trilogy #1: Seeker by William Nicholson

Seeker (Noble Warriors Trilogy, #1)My name is Mornng Star, and I've always wanted to be a Nomana like my mother. I care about others and would use the Nomana powers to help the less fortunate. However, I was rejected by the Community and discovered my mother is not here either. What's happened to her? I've met another reject named Seeker, and we've joined the crazy killer Wildman on his boat. Seeker has an idea to get an invitation from the Nomana by performing a great deed they cannot do themselves. He says a secret, powerful bomb is being built in Radiant that will be used to destroy the whole island of Anacrea. I know there is more to Wildman than asking if I want my throat slit, and the green color I see around him tells me he's uncertain. Perhaps there's a slim chance the Nomana will accept him too. 

I must admit the first part of the book didn't grab me. It was establishing background information and setting up the conflicts and subplots, but nothing was overly compelling. It became much more interesting once the characters were rejected and teamed up with Wildman. The teens needed to teach him compassion for others and how to control his urge to hurt those people. The characters had their own stories beyond the Nomana, but they all came together in the end. Seeker wanted to find his brother after he had his mind cleansed and was banished from the island. Morning Star wanted to find her mother, and Wildman wanted power and peace. He just didn't understand how the power needed to be used to help the weak and less fortunate. Morning Star had the ability to see colors surrounding others that allowed her  to sense their emotions and thoughts, while Seeker heard a voice in his mind that drove him to a higher calling. The author introduced many twists and turns to the plot that made the overall book very entertaining.

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