Monday, April 3, 2017

Fablehaven Adventure #1: Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull

Dragonwatch (Fablehaven Adventure #1)My name is Kendra, and my brother Seth and I have become the human caretakers for a dragon sanctuary. The most important part of our role is to keep the dragons from ravaging and destroying mankind. The leader of the dragons in this sanctuary has been attacking the boundaries, and they have been weakening. The medallion used to strengthen them draws its power from a hidden scepter, but that presents a dangerous problem. Seth and I must somehow locate the scepter, but this will require us to leave the protected paths. The dragons don't respect us as the new caretakers, so they won't have any problem frying us to a crisp. Seth isn't known for making wise choices, and I hope he doesn't do something stupid. However, I'm not holding my breath!

This is a sequel series to the popular Fablehaven books, and they're very similar. You can expect the same creatures and same enemies, but I don't think reading the original Fablehaven series is required. I liked the addition of the tiny nipsy character who rode around in Seth's pocket. He swore his allegiance to Seth, but the impact of a three-inch tall nipsy was very questionable. He was the voice of reason, and his used his size to great advantage. I didn't really like how Seth was willing to risk the safety of his cousin, more than once, to get what he wanted. The creatures weren't able to harm the cousin as long as he didn't have the imagination to see them, but his safety was still in doubt. However, Seth's questionable choices added to the suspense of the plot. I liked how Kendra and Seth were willing to risk their lives to save the Fablehaven and the sanctuaries even though they didn't fully understand what was going on. My issues with this book were minimal, and I highly recommend it and the Fablehaven series.

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