Sunday, April 9, 2017

Joplin, Wishing by Diane Stanley

                            JOPLIN, WISHING by Diane Stanley
My name is Joplin, and who knew a broken platter from my grandfather's possessions could dramatically change my life. After having the small pieces professionally reunited, I loved the scene of the lovely girl sitting in the picture. I don't have many friends anymore, actually none at all, and I wished this girl could become one. Then Sofie came into my life right out of the blue, actually right out of the dish. She told me of her life hundreds of years ago, how she came to be part of the painting, and how she was forced to grant wishes to the rightful owner of the platter. However, we weren't ready for the dangers to come. A wicked man has been spying on us, and Sofie just got a good look at him. Impossible as it seems, he is the same man who magically imprisoned her in the dish hundreds of years ago. We don't know what he wants, but I must find a way to help Sofie get back to her family.

This book is based on magic without a bunch of spells being cast at every turn. After reading some dark books on magic, it was nice to read one with a more positive spin. Joplin's only motivation throughout the entire plot was to help Sofie return to the family she lost centuries ago. With magic, it was possible. The antagonist was evil, but not vicious and ruthless, so he presented an effective conflict. Surprises? I was amazed at how quickly Joplin, her schoolmate, and her mom and aunt accepted Sofie's story. The evidence was there, but there had to be a logical explanation, right? Also, the climax lost some oomph when the antagonist displayed some humanity. If you're looking for a nice, fun story about magic, give this book a shot.

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