Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Thickety #3: Well of Witches by J.A. White

Well of Witches (The Thickety, #3)My name is Kara, and I am a witch with no powers. Rygoth is recruiting new witches by offering grimoires to young girls across the lands. The grimoires force the girls to cast harmful spells, and I'm trying to help my friend Safi withstand its call. My father's body is possessed by the witch hunter Timoth Clen, and he is recruiting an army of graycloaks to destroy the witches, threatening innocent people along the way. I must rescue my father, but the only plan I can think of may lead to my death. I must enter the Well of Witches, containing the souls of past witches, and try to convince Grace to reverse her spell on my father. People don't believe there are good witches, especially Timoth Clen, so I must avoid the graycloaks while trying to stop the evil witches. But what can I do without my powers? 

I feel like the books in this series are getting better, so I'm looking forward to the final book coming out soon. I always enjoy Kara's character, especially in this book. There're all kinds of evil enveloping her world which includes the "good guys", the graycloaks. These characters are reminiscent of New Englanders during the Salem Witch Trials. In those days, women accused of being witches had little chance of survival. Kara was becoming a powerful, good witch in the previous book, so losing her powers presents a huge change for her character. She became very insecure, since she placed so much importance on her magical abilities. However, in the end, she discovered her greatest power when she accepted herself and stopped second-guessing. Her character also displayed compassion for many of the young witches, as she realized the grimoires were taking advantage of their weaknesses. They generally weren't bad girls. The author showed wonderful creativity in the Well of Witches. The characters, setting, and connections to the grimoires were very intriguing. You should read the first two books in the series, but I think you'll enjoy them.

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