Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Youngest Templar #2: Trail of Fate by Michael P. Spradlin

Trail of Fate (The Youngest Templar, #2)My name is Maryam, and Robard and I have joined Tristan on his quest to deliver an important message to a priest in Scotland. Sir Hugh remains on our trail, hoping to capture or kill Tristan, although I don't understand his obsession with my new friend. We parted ways with a girl named Celia several days ago, and Tristan insists we travel to a mountain fortress to protect her from treacherous soldiers. Why is he willing to delay his quest to help her? I also believe there's more to this quest than he's letting on. There's something special about this boy, and I will use all of my assassin skills to protect him.

You need to read the first book, because this series probably could have (should have) been written as one longer book. The conflicts in the first two books aren't really resolved, and the second and third books pick up immediately where the previous ones left off. That being said, I am enjoying the underdog story. Although Tristan is only a squire, characters are willing to follow him, and it's clear his parentage is an issue. He is able to come up with ingenious plans to overcome impossible problems even though there are unexpected snags to them. The power of the grail being carried by Tristan is still unclear; several characters have heard it humming in critical situations. The series won't end until the issue with Sir Hugh is resolved. I'm wondering if Tristan will be reunited with Celia and if Sir Thomas actually died in the siege on Acre (in book one).

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