Friday, June 3, 2016

Voyagers #5: Escape the Vortex by Jeanne DuPrau

Escape the Vortex (Voyagers #5)My name is Anna. My Omega team must retrieve zero crystals, the fifth element needed to create the Source, from inside ice crawlers before the Alpha team. The fact that ice crawlers are huge snow creatures, and that the frigid temperatures on the planet will kill us instantly, will be a problem. I know the Alpha team is still ticked off that I kidnapped Piper, but it guarantees they won't leave us behind when it's time for Gamma Speed. My crew seems upset by this, but hey, I'm the leader. Winning is everything. Right now, I'm on the planet's surface, and things aren't going as I planned. My first attempt at the crystals failed, and I've discovered how angry mother ice crawlers can be when protecting their babies. We're nearing the end of our quest to save Earth, but I have a bad feeling that I won't survive this mission.

My comments about this book are very similar to the previous books in the series, so you should read my other posts. A couple of my earlier predictions have come true in this book. Dash's illness, storage of an earlier element, and morale on the Omega ship have all become big issues in this book. I enjoy the fast pace of the books, as I've been able to read each of them in about a day. The plots are easy to follow, and they're full of adventure and action. The books are accompanied by a website that has additional information and activities. I know there is a sixth book in the series, and I assume it will be the last even though it's titled The Seventh Element.

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