Thursday, June 9, 2016

The League of Seven by Allan Gratz

The League of Seven (The League of Seven, #1)My name is Archie. My parents look for signs that Mangleborns might be escaping from their underground prisons, and the Swarm Queen is gaining power. I barely escape her mind-controlling bugs, but my parents weren't as lucky. In the past, a League of Seven has always appeared to stop the Mangleborns, and I wonder if they have again. My new companions, Hachi and Fergus, may be the warrior and tinker, but does that mean I'm the leader? We are searching for Septemberists who might be able to help, but the minds of everyone we've found has been taken over by the bugs. In my dreams, the Swarm Queen called me Jandal a Haad, but the Great Bear turned on his friends. The Great Bear's coat has saved my life, but am I actually a Mangleborn, destined to kill Hachi and Fergus?

This book mixes Native American heritage with elements of technology and modern culture. The characters come from various tribes, and the book mentions cities and history that are similar to what we know. Lektricity is a bad thing, and the characters are trying to keep it secret. Edison, the main antagonist, tries to harness its power to free the Swarm Queen. However, he experimented on Fergus, and the boy has now become a conductor. Archie's visions create an internal conflict. He wants to lead his friends, but he's afraid he may lose control and become a monster. The author has managed to weave a clever tale that is both familiar and imaginative. Three kids band together to fight a rising evil, but they're also trying to suppress everything related to electricity. Ironically, one of Fergus's abilities involves controlling it. I'm already planning to read the sequel!

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