Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Steel Trapp #2: The Academy by Ridley Pearson

The Academy (Steel Trapp, #2)My name is Steel. I have an "amazing" ability to remember everything. Everybody seems to know about it, but it's real hard to be normal! Kayleigh and I have noticed some weird things going on at Wynncliff Academy, and I discovered secret tunnels that connect most of the buildings on campus. Four boys have been using them after curfew to meet with one of the teachers. I overheard them talking about an operation and not wanting to get caught. What are they up to? I feel like I'm getting sucked into it, but I'm not sure who I can trust. Kayleigh thinks we should forget about it, but we may not have a choice. I can't forget anything, remember, plus I'm really curious. What do they say? Curiosity killed the cat?

This is a series similar to the Alex Rider and Young James Bond books. Steel's perfect memory is a central part of the plot. He obviously uses to excel in school, but he's learning to use it for surveillance and playing an academy game called Ga-Ga. I don't know if it's a real game somewhere in the world, but it sounds like a cool variation of dodgeball played in an octagonal pit. Many characters interact with Steel, so it's easy to wonder which ones are good and bad. This uncertainty adds to an intriguing plot. The truth behind the secret meetings isn't revealed until much later in the book, so things seem to happen pretty fast as the plot nears the climax. The resolution of the plot sounds like Kayleigh and Steel will have future adventures around the world. However, this book was published in 2010, and I haven't been able to find a sequel since then. Shame, I was enjoying the series.

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