Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Paladin Prophecy #3: Rogue by Mark Frost

Rogue (The Paladin Prophecy, #3)My name is Elise. Will convinced us to enter the Never-Was in order to rescue a Guardian named Dave. We need his help to stop creatures from invading our world. I'm able to use my voice as a weapon or a tool, and Will and I have improved our mental communication. I taught Ajay how to do it too, but all of his abilities are growing at an amazing rate. We need all of our powers, because the monsters, land, and plants all seem out to kill us, and Dave is being held captive in the middle of an army numbering hundreds of thousands troops. What chance does our group of five have against them? But all humans will be destroyed if we can't figure out some way to close a portal between our worlds.

This book is different from the prior books in the series. The plot starts slowly, as characters reveal more information about the Others and the history of the Paladin Prophecy. However, Will and his friends actually enter the Never-Was in chapters 4 & 5, so things become much more interesting. There are action and adventure, as the characters travel through the bizarre world and try to outsmart the intimidating, huge army. As mentioned, Ajay's character goes through some dramatic changes which makes him intriguing. The end of this book feels like there should be another sequel, but I haven't been able to find one. Questions remain about the transformation of the main characters and the intentions of any Knights who still exist in our world.

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