Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spy Camp by Stuart Gibbs

Spy Camp (Spy School #2)My name is Ben. For some reason, the evil organization called SPYDER wants me. They invited me to join them, but they also threatened to kill me if I didn't. The CIA tried to sneak me away to a secret location, but the plan just helped SPYDER kidnap my friends. Luckily, Erica is protecting me. She's the most awesome student spy in school, and she's kind of cute too. The CIA has sent her father, their best and most famous agent, to help protect me, but he's actually an incompetent fool! The big question is still, "Why does SPYDER want me?" I'm starting to figure out there's something bigger going on. Maybe it's not me they want; they have a much more important target in mind.

I seem to be reading this series in reverse order. I've already read Evil Spy School, but you should probably start with book one, Spy School. I'm reading it next. The plot of Spy Camp reads like an adventure. There's action galore, and Ben is constantly getting into bad situations. The tension between Erica and her father creates another problem, and the author throws in the grandfather too. Ben's not the greatest student spy, but he's a good thinker and has a natural talent with numbers. There's a question about what makes him special going on throughout the plot. I enjoy how the characters talents aren't impossibly good, but they're unlikely good. It makes the plot believable even though I know the plot isn't possible. Make sense? The series is fun to read.

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