Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Paladin Prophecy #2: Alliance by Mark Frost

Alliance (The Paladin Prophecy, #2)My name is Ajay. My roommates and I managed to survive attacks from the Knights of Charlamagne, but we need to know if they're still active. We suspect the equipment man, Nepsted, transformed into a tentacled creature and saved Nick's life, but he won't give us more information until we unlock the cage that's trapped him. The key is hidden in tunnels below the heavily-guarded island, which is also where we barely survived dangers from the Never-Was. These creatures can only enter our world through a portal, but the Knights are planning on releasing them. As we trekked deeper and deeper through the underground tunnels, we came upon a lost city that seemed to be made for beings larger than humans. Further on, we discovered something stranger, evidence of surgical experiments revealing the truth behind the Paladin Prophecy.

You need to read the first book in the series, and you should know that all the main characters are in their mid-teens. The plot includes a lot of action, adventure, and mystery, but I most like the cast of characters. You can read a description of them in my post for the first Paladin Prophecy. Nick provides humor, since he's frequently mixing up words, although he is the muscle for the team. The author creates a new problem for Will, as Elise and Brooke both have affection for him. The author includes rules for living from Will's father, now missing, that help him deal with problems. Brooke's powers finally Awaken, and another secret is revealed about her late in the book. I'm still trying to fully understand the actual relationships between the Hierarchy, Others, Knights, and Paladins. I've already started the next book, so I can say more information is coming.

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