Friday, February 20, 2015

The Magnificent Key 12 #3: The Key by Michael Grant

The Key (The Magnificent 12, #3)Mack and the gang continue to travel the world, trying to form the Magnificent 12 in order to battle the rise of the Pale Queen. The Key will allow them to learn more magic spells in the Vargran language, but they must first figure out where it's located and seize it from its keeper. The journey leads the group to Paris for another huge battle. Mack's plan includes the Eiffel Tower, and this world landmark will never be the same. Meanwhile, Mack's golem is in trouble, because Risky, daughter of the Pale Queen, has taken control of it. Golem may destroy Sedona, Arizona, unless one of the school bullies can save him/it. Mack still needs to find the last four Magnificents, located somewhere around the world, but the Pale Queen will rise any day now.

You should read this series of books in order; use the search box in the top left corner to see my reviews of the first two. I'm still trying to figure out why I like this series. The humor is silly. Paddy Nine-Iron, an old assassin, moves too slowly to kill anyone and can't catch his breath to finish sentences. The golem takes everything literally; he grows unusually large when Mack says he's a big boy. However, I enjoy the adventure of Mack traveling the world to form the Magnificent 12, and the author includes action throughout the plot. There are battles with trolls, giants, dragons, and other creatures, and Mack almost dies many times. If you don't mind silly humor, you will enjoy this book. 

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