Friday, February 20, 2015

The Magnificent 12 #4: The Power by Michael Grant

The Power (The Magnificent 12, #4)Valin thinks Mack's ancestors insulted his ancestors four hundred years ago, and he's been trying to kill him throughout the series. Valin is moments from success, but there are complications to the situation. Mack must unite all twelve Magnificents, or there is no chance of defeating the Pale Queen. However, Valin is a Magnificent, so he must join the team and not kill Mack! The adventure travels to San Francisco for the big showdown with the Pale Queen, but several Magificents are still missing. This fact only assures they will die quickly. The Navy and Air Force are no match for the Pale Queen, and there is no hope unless a miracle happens.

This book is the finale in the series, and you need to read the books in order. Type the author's name in the search box above to see the others. This plot brings an end to the feud, the Pale Queen, and her daughter, Risky. The twelfth member of the Magnificents will surprise readers; it's someone who rose from the dead. The series had a happy ending for all, except the Pale Queen. Unless you think Mack adding a new phobia is an unhappy thing. Even the lives of Golem and Risky change for the better. The series contains quirky humor, but it was enjoyable to read.

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