Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Timekeeper's Moon by Joni Sensel

The Timekeeper's MoonThis book is the sequel to The Farwalker's Quest. The moon, trees, and stones all tell Ariel that her job is only half done, and she must travel again or everything she's accomplished will be undone. With Scarl, she follows her feet to a swamp village called Skunk. They hear the story of something called Tattler, but they don't know if it's human, a deadly creature, or something totally different. Ariel leads them out of the village to find it, and they're joined by a Fire-Mage with eyes for Scarl. Ariel starts to have frightening dreams that feel very real to her, and Scarl thinks her necklace may be the source of the danger. Ariel leads them in circles, and a voice in her head keeps saying that time is running out.

Ariel's confusion adds to the plot's suspense, and the Fire-Mage creates a new conflict for the group. Tattler makes this an adventure story, since Ariel and Scarl don't know what they'll find when they reach it. The feeling of their quest is almost desperation, since it seems that everything they know will change if they fail. Now, the actual consequences of failure are unknown, but it seems certain they will be catastrophic.

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