Monday, March 2, 2015

The Unwanteds #5: Island of Shipwrecks by Lisa McMann

Island of Shipwrecks (Unwanteds #5)After rescuing Sky's mother in the previous book, Alex's group starts sailing back home. The ship is drawn toward an island and is damaged on the sharp rocks. They meet three very old men and discover hurricanes hit this island every day before disappearing. Marcus used to to visit the men, but Alex doesn't see any way to escape the island and return to Artime. Simber is gone, the ship is wrecked, and Alex has no idea how they can get away from the powerful currents and storms. Meanwhile, Aaron, Alex's twin brother, is still plotting to attack Artime, and he's discovered a couple of dangerous allies. One of them has military experience and machines, while the other has magic. Aaron isn't the most gifted thinker, but even he realizes his new "friends" might be traitors to his reign as high priest.

You will need to read the first four books in the series to understand what's going on. While this book has elements of adventure, it lacks the action found in previous books. Alex and his group spend their days exploring the wrecks and trying to repair their ship. The three men add some interesting information, and they share medical information with Henry. Alex and Sky are able to fix their relationship. Aaron is still intent on ruling everything, but he continues to bumble along. With the secretary killed in the previous book, Liam takes over as Aaron's advisor. Aaron would be lost without him, but Liam secretly hopes to stop him from taking over Artime. This book is not my favorite in the series, but I enjoy the overall plot.

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