Sunday, September 26, 2010

School's Out - Forever by James Patterson

This book is the second in the Maximum Ride series, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. Max and the other five genetically altered flying "humans" are still searching for their parents. They are frequently attacked by Erasers, but the Erasers in this book are able to fly too. A clone of Max is introduced into the plot which complicates matters. The original Max and her group are able to find Iggie's parents, but that doesn't turn out as well as they expected. Anne, an FBI agent, "adopts" the group, but they're not 100% certain if she's good or bad. As in the first book, members of the group start to discover additional powers that they possess. The group finds a new enemy when they reach Florida.

This series has been very frustrating for me. I find the events very interesting, but I'm still not sure of the actual conflict. After two books, I'm still not sure if Jeb is good or bad. The plot in both books spends much of its time trying to find the parents of the group and fighting off Erasers, but the "saving the world" part is always in the background. Jeb keeps telling Max to trust him and that she needs to save the world, but then he tells Ari that he can attack the group with his Erasers. Jeb says the attacks are tests, but he doesn't seem too concerned as to whether any of them get hurt. The group still acts like nomads, wandering across the country, but I can't foresee an actual destination in sight. I don't feel like the first two books really had climaxes where the conflicts were resolved; I don't like being lured into reading the next book in a series, because the previous book felt unfinished. Again, I've found these books very interesting, but I don't plan on reading any more of them.

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