Monday, September 27, 2010

Red Rider's Hood by Neal Shusterman

I forgot I'd read this book last year, but I still enjoyed it. I gave it a rating of five out of five. Red has his refurbished Mustang stolen by Cedric, the leader of a gang called the Wolves. He discovers that the Wolves are actually all werewolves, and he works with a girl named Marissa to stop them from killing people. A twist to the problem is that Marissa's brother, Marvin, is a member of the gang. Red decides he's going to go undercover and pretend that he wants to join the Wolves. He'll collect information for Marissa and a secret wolf hunter in order to stop the gang. If the gang finds out though, he's wolf chow.

This is not a classic novel, but I found it entertaining. There were numerous times throughout the plot where it looked like the gang would discover what Red was doing, but he always seemed to use his head, and some luck, to get away. My only criticism was that the author tried to make Red have this big internal conflict between his loyalty to humans and the gang. I didn't think this conflict was developed very well, and I didn't understand why he felt any loyalty to the Wolves at all. However, this internal problem helped make the actual conflict better, because Marissa and the wolf hunter started to question Red's loyalty and left him out of the showdown with the werewolves. Of course, there was no way the main character was going to miss the climax of the whole book!

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