Monday, September 27, 2010

Hatching Magic by Ann Downer

This book is about dragons and magic, and I gave it a rating of four out of five. The conflict surrounds two wizards, Gideon and Kobold, the good and the evil. They are the obvious protagonist and antagonist. They are half brothers, and Kobold is jealous that Gideon became the kingdom’s main wizard. Kobold also blames Gideon for the mental illness of Gwynlyn, the king’s daughter. It seems throughout most of the book that Kobold is trying to punish Gideon to get revenge, but the reader discovers that an unknown character is controlling him.

Gideon travels into the future to find his dragon, Wycca. Wycca, travels through a bolt-hole, or a portal through “Time”. Gideon learns about electricity, elevators, and the subway, and meets the wizard Merlin driving a taxi. Wycca steals a falcon’s nest for her own, considers dive-bombing some humans, and hides out in a skunk’s nest. Theodora Oglethorpe, a human infatuated with dragons, finds Wycca's baby, and she also finds Gideon's dragon power card. This card is the key ingredient in the conflict between Gideon and Kobold.

I like how the author mixed magic with real-world twists. It added some humor and reality to the fantasy. The reader is kept guessing about how the problem will be resolved, and the author leaves a little surprise about Theodora until the end. There is a sequel to this book called The Dragon of Never-Was.

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